MEC recommends buying streetlights & installing LED’s


Select Board & Town Administrator,


The Medfield Energy Committee has been investigating the benefits of converting the Town’s 347 streetlights to LED technology for the past few years.


The economics are compelling.  Currently, the Town pays Eversource $41,000/year for the operation and maintenance of the lights.  A conversion to LED would reduce the cost of operation and maintenance to $8,300/year.


A newly announced program from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) would provides a  grant to take 30% off installation costs.  The $105,000 total cost of installation would fall to $68,000 after factoring in  utility incentives and the 30% DOER grant.  The return on the investment would be 48%, a 2.1 year simple payback.


The Medfield Energy Committee supports the conversion and urges the Select Board and Town Administrator to take the steps necessary to allocate the funds to accomplish the project as soon as possible.  Jerry McCarty, Director of Facilities and Maurice Goulet Director of the Department of Public Works are both in support of the project.


We recognize there is a concern about maintenance.  Contacts with suppliers and municipalities are in progress to address these concerns.  Also the visual impact of the change to LED may be a concern.  The Town of Westwood has converted to LED so a drive east on Route 109 might answer questions about the visual impact.


There is urgency to this request as the DOER grant program was just announced and the funds may be limited.  There are many interested towns, so the Energy Committee would like to see Medfield apply as early as possible.


A financial analysis of the conversion is attached.


The Medfield Energy Committee is ready to meet with the Select Board at the earliest convenient time.



Fred Bunger

Chairman Medfield Energy Committee

2 responses to “MEC recommends buying streetlights & installing LED’s

  1. Speaking of lights and costs, the other night I noticed all of the holidays lights still on in Baxter Park and overhead throughout town. I hope they are shut off soon to reduce energy usage/costs. Thanks in advance! 🙂


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      MEMO puts up the lights and pays for electricity at Baxter Park. I am not sure about the electricity for the other sites. I do know from running Medfield Day for several years that MEMO has its own electrical service to the park next to the First Parish Meeting House or Unitarian Church, so those lights too may be on MEMO’s bill. I will pass your comments along to Mike Sullivan.


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