Medfield Inclusion Project

Email from Suzanne Siino, after the first meeting of new initiative –


Thank you for attending the informational meeting for the Medfield Inclusion Project/40Better at the UCC Church last week.  The idea of housing for individuals with disabilities was met with overwhelming support. I am hopeful that you will be part of a team that will be meeting regularly to brainstorm creative and innovative ways to open doors for those who could benefit from supported housing.   This is also a unique way to address the towns 40B deficit, both short and long term.  This is a project that will positively impact the lives of many local families.  Your attendance will make a difference!


Be a part of the solution!    The holidays are a time of giving, we need you~



Tuesday,  December 20, 2016  7 pm  Medfield Public Library Meeting Room

Tuesday, January 3, 2017  7 pm  Medfield Public Library Meeting Room



With sincere thanks,


Suzanne Siino

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