BoS minutes from 10/18

Meeting Minutes October 18, 2016 draft PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke; Absent Selectman Fisher Selectman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM Selectman Marcucci made a motion to nomina~e Selectman Peterson serve as Chairman ofthe Board; motion passed. Selectman Peterson made a motion to nominate Selectman Marcucci serve as Clerk of the Board; motion passed This meeting is being held at the High School Auditorium for the applicants' presentation of the proposed Medfield Meadows project on Dale Street, a 200 unit rental complex and in anticipation of a large crowd the meeting is being held at the high school auditorium. Chairman Peterson announced this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world NEW BUSINESS The Selectmen are requested to vote to sign Agreement for Facilitation Consulting Services with Consensus Building Institute pertaining to the Medfield State Hospital property and it was so voted MEDFIELD HOUSING PRODUCTION PLAN At a duly called and posted meeting on Monday October 17, 2016 the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board met jointly to review the housing production plan, which was originally drafted in 2012. Discussion ensued and a motion was made and seconded to approve the plan. The Selectmen are requested to vote to sign the submittal letter addressed to the Department of Housing and Community Development and it was so voted. PRESENTATION OF MEFIELD MEADOWS Attending: developer John Kelly, Architect John Winslow and the developer's consultant Geoff Engler; Senator Timilty, Representatives Garlick and Dooley and approximately 700 residents. The project, 200 rental units to be located on Route 27 and Dale Street; three to five story building on the north side with underground parking and a four story building on the other side of 27 also underground parking. Mr. Engler explained that 25% of the units will be affordable, which will give the Town the 10% required by the state's 40B law. In fact all the units will have the Town well over the 10%. He said that they anticipate Medfield residents who are looking to downsize and stay in Medfield will be attracted to these units. October 18, 2016 Page two About 35 or 40 people came to the microphone to voice their opinions about the project. The common thread from all is that this project does not belong in Medfield where there are no other apartment buildings of this size. A resident remarked that the proposed high rise buildings do not belong in Medfield, its place is in Boston. It will overshadow the neighboring established homes; traffic on Route 27 is very heavy now this project will add more than the roads can handle. The developer estimates it will add about 326 vehicles. It will put a burden on municipal services and will increase the school population. Attendees are very surprised to learn that the south side building will have only one entrance and exit on to Dale Street opposite the cemetery. Most residents said that no one is opposed to 40B housing, in fact this project is right near a 40B neighborhood that was built in the early 90"s. It is the size of the buildings and the location that many are opposed to. Geoff Engler stated that the state wants more affordable housing and traffic and increase in school population will not deny a 40B project. Mr. Kelly remarked that they will work to make this project more acceptable to the Town. The audience was dismayed to learn that this is the first project for the developer in the United States. He has done construction in Europe and Canada. Senator Timilty feels that this proposal is more of an urban project for instance in Somerville. The 40B law was meant to increase housing; now developers use it as a weapon to make money. Representative Garlick said that this project is not viewed favorably by MassHousing and that the developer is aware of this fact. Representative Dooley also stated that he will help in any way to make certain this project does not move forward. Selectman Marcucci advised the audience that anyone wishing to make a donation to help defray the Town's cost for special counsel may do so by sending a check to the Town Treasurer noting it is for 40B gift account. Written comments should be emailed to Michael Sullivan or Administrative Assistant Evelyn Clarke. The meeting adjourned at 10:30 PM20161018_page_2

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