Rail Trail Study Committee – Update

Rail Trail Study Committee –

Update to the Selectmen

11/1/2017 Outlining the Study Committee Recommendations

The Study Committee intends to deliver a report before the end of the year. The highlights of the recommendations are:

  • A trail is feasible and desirable for the town
  • A professional design study will answer important questions and, above all, provide a sound cost estimate
    • The BCRTA has offered to fund such a study with a donation of up to $20k
  • The town should sign a lease in 2017 and move forward with a public-private partnership model, provided that an adequate plan to fund the trail can be developed

Update on the formation of the Friends of the Medfield Rail Trail

  • A local volunteer group is forming that will
    • Pick up the work after the Study Committee
    • Educate and inform Medfield residents about the rail trail and its benefits
    • Liaise with the BCRTA
    • Become an initiative of the Medfield Foundation
    • Deliver a design study to the town by March 2017
    • Develop a plan to finance the project
    • Advocate for the trail at Town Meeting
    • Work on construction, and once completed, maintenance of the trail

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2 responses to “Rail Trail Study Committee – Update

  1. The rail trail sounds like a great benefit and some day one could potentially bike from Medfield to Newton. But should we be waiting to see what Dover is doing? From their town meeting last year it sounded like if they did go forward with a trail it would be a limited length to prevent connecting to Medfield or Needham. It could be a short trail if it only goes from Icehouse Road to Farm Street.


  2. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    I have come to think of the Bay Colony Rail Trail section in Medfield as a connector, which can be useful to us even if it never ties in to Dover. I see it as connecting the neighborhoods in the Donnelly, Blacksmith, Colonial, and Marilyn areas out to Harding, where they can then get further connected from there to the downtown by some yet to be determined route (probably either down Harding and/or down Dale). Having eh Bay Colony Rail Trail run from Medfield to Rte. 9 in Newton would be the ideal, but some parts will still be better than none.

    Thanks for your input.


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