Medford vs. Medfield

medfordtown welcome sign - Copy

It has gone on long enough. Uzo Aduba is just its most recent known victim.  For far too long Medfield has been confused for Medford.

I will suggest that the Town of Medfield respectfully request that the City of Medford change its name to avoid any further confusion between our two municipalities.  If the City of Medford balks, I will regretfully need to follow up by asking to have town counsel sue the City of Medford for injunctive relief asking that Medford cease and desist from its use of such a confusing name.

Legally, the issue is whether there is public confusion caused by the use of a similar name within a similar geographic area, and if there is such public confusion (which 12,200 Medfield residents’ testimony will document), then the first in time user within a given geographic area gets to use its name.

Exhibit A & B above, clearly show that Medfield’s use preceded Medford’s by 241 years.  It is unfortunate that Medford residents made such a poor choice of an initial name for their lovely city, but fortunately they have only had a mere 124 years of its use, so getting accustomed to their subsequent name should not require great effort.  As Medford will clearly either need to change its name or move its city out of Massachusetts.

3 responses to “Medford vs. Medfield

  1. Great article…I for one didn’t know you had such a great sense of humor and encourage you to share it more often. I’ll be happy to donate $1.00 to help cover the cost of the law suit….Don Hayes

    From Don Hayes >


  2. For the locals of Medford, it is called “Meffa”, so there is no confusion, LOL!


  3. There is seldom a day when the “Medfield”/”Medford” confusion does not affect my life. We are still traumatized by our experience on the day we moved to our new home in 1999. We were expecting a shipment of furniture. At noon – three hours after the promised hour – we received a call from a trucker. Exasperated, the trucker said, “Lady, there ain’t no Wild Holly Lane in Medford.” Our furniture arrived hours later, badly jostled by the extra miles needlessly imposed by the municipal moniker misunderstanding.
    I believe “injunctive relief” is an insufficient remedy. This rises to the level of tortious interference. Medfield should be able to lay claim to all of Medford’s assets. Specifically, we demand that the birthright of anyone famous born in Medford (specifically by not limited to Michael Bloomberg) be permanently reassigned to Medfield.


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