Millis to close/detour Dover Road 10/12 – 12/19


This email this afternoon from Mike Sullivan –

We just found out yesterday by accident that Millis plans to close or detour traffic off Dover Road starting Tuesday October 12 until December 19 in order to replace a water main. With about 8,000 cars a day using Dover Road and West St. the implications for traffic delays and backups in Medfield, particularly along Route 109 are potentially severe. I met with the Police and Fire Chiefs, the Director of Public Works and Kris this morning to see what we could do to ameliorate the situation. We have set up a meeting for 1;00 P.M. tomorrow at the Medfield Town Hall with The Millis Fire Chief, acting Police Chief and acting Public Works Director to discuss this. We have learned that, initially, traffic in Millis will be detoured from Dover Road along Bridge St (Millis’s Bridge St. not ours) to Route 109 and also from Route 109 along Bridge St (again Millis’s Bridge St.) to Dover Road, as the construction is will start at Route 109 and Dover Road. The is will certainly create problems initially, but what we also need to deal with is how traffic will be handled when construction reaches Bridge Street in Millis and proceeds eastward towards Medfield. At least we hope we will have time to address that situation in advance, unlike what we have to address next week. We will let you know how we make out tomorrow, but Medfield should expect some problems from these detours, given the heavy volumes of traffic on both Route 109 and Dover Road/West St. Mike

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