Mega-B site visit


I and about twenty other people attended the MassHousing site visit for the proposed Mega-B at ten o’clock this morning.  With their backs to the camera are the developer team, from left to right, Geoff Engler, VP of SEB, the 40B consultant, his employee, Maura Cronin, and the developer, John Kelly of Sherborn.  Representative Denise Garlick (in the red jacket) and her new Director of Constituent Services, Anne Weinstein attended, as did many Town of Medfield officials and employees, neighbors, and Medfield residents.

What I learned:

  • The two buildings are referenced as north and south, with the north one being adjacent to the cemetery.
  • Mr. Engler stated that he has worked on 15,000 units
  • Mr. Engler opined that the demographics of the residents will be similar to the Charles River Landing in Needham, with which he was involved
    • that the renters will be empty nesters, divorced fathers, and few families
    • – interestingly, Rep. Garlick, who had worked on that Charles River Landing project from the town side, disagreed with him as to what those demographics were at the Charles River Landing
  • Patrick Corrigan of Dover, whose brother Sean lived in Medfield until his death a year and a half ago, is an investor, not a developer of the project
  • Mr. Engler opined that the 200 units would produce 30-50 school children
    • none in the 43 one-bedroom units
    • a few in the 126 two bedroom units
    • most in the 31 three bedroom units
  • The town was encouraged to negotiate the both the density and the impacts with the developer, by both Mr. Engler and the two MassHousing employees
  • The MassHousing employees noted that the issue for them is whether the site is suitable for the proposed housing, and that most sites are suitable, but that MassHousing has recently turned down a fourteen story proposal at Coolidge Corner in Brookline and a five story proposal on the harbor in Scituate (?).

The developers will present their proposal to the Board of Selectmen at our regular 7PM meeting on 10/18/16, which will be held at the Medfield High School auditorium to accommodate the number of expected attendees.

One response to “Mega-B site visit

  1. Not sure where Patrick Corrigan will get money to invest since there is a $3.25M judgement against him and he has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


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