Meeting(s) on affordable housing


This morning, Chris McCue offered to help with the upcoming 9/26 meeting about affordable housing (since I had advocated for a meeting to discuss affordable housing issues).  But since I had not organized, nor planned the 9/26 meeting (I only learned about it when I went to the last Selectmen meeting), I forwarded Chris’ offer to the town administration.  I received this response from Kristine Trierweiler –

The meeting on 9/26 was for town boards to discuss affordable housing with the BOS. I believe that is separate from a town wide forum on 40B. Mike had been working with Mark on that. 

Given that, Chris is correct that people will be attending the working session on 9/26 as well so I will touch base with Mark/Mike on scheduling the 40B meeting similar to the one we held when Parc was first proposed. 



I apologize if my lack of information caused me to jump to conclusions that mislead anyone about that 9/26 meeting.  I had actually mistakenly believed that the 9/26 meeting was intended as the public forum on 40B and affordable housing that I had envisioned, but apparently it is not – although the public meeting may now be getting arranged.  It looks like we may be getting two separate meetings:

  • one targeted at town boards, discussing the issues, and
  • one targeted at the public, seeking to inform and seek input, I imagine.

2 responses to “Meeting(s) on affordable housing

  1. I want to thank you for your continued dedication to improving communication and town government transparency in Medfield.
    I’ve been reading and appreciating your updates for the past year.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Thank you Kristen. I do not get a lot of feedback, so please know that I appreciate your taking the time to let me know.


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