More on the mega-40B

Chris McCue just asked:

More questions for Pete Peterson, Sarah Raposa or someone else in the know:…if we approve the Building Production Plan before this project gets permitted (and/or reach our requirement for # of units), will it stop or delay this Dale Street 40B project? Also, if we need far fewer than 200 units to meet our affordable housing quota, does that mean this project is automatically capped at that number (which I believe to be significantly lower)? Does the housing production plan need to be voted on by residents at a town meeting, or just approved by Selectmen and/or Planning Board? There also looks to be a historic home that may be affected by the project — with a 40B is the town allowed to impose its 18-month demolition delay if the home is found to be historically significant, or do we lose that power to protect historic structures too?

I do not claim to be “in the know,” which is reflected in how few of the questions I can answer, but I am at least available:

  • I do not know the answer to the Housing Production Plan timing issue, but rest assured it is on my mind, as the Housing Production Plan is virtually ready to be filed.
  • I understand that the Housing Production Plan only needs the approval of the Board of Selectmen and the planning board, not town meeting approval. 
  • I also do not know how a demolition delay of a historic home effects a 40B application.

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