Westboro looking for RFP’s

Medfield and Westboro State Hospitals were on about the same time trajectory in terms of their sale by the state to the respective communities, with Westboro’s deal starting out a few months ahead of us.  We also shared the same state crafted purchase model and valuation/price – they got better value, because their site is in a prime commercial location, right off Rte. 9.  However, it looks like Westboro will get to market with its site long before we will, as I am guessing we are still at least a year away.  I am also recalling that the WSH site was much more than 37 acres, so they must be selling parcels at a time.



Photo by WBZ TV

Former Westboro State Hospital Property Up For Sale

WESTBORO (CBS) — The town of Westboro is looking for a buyer for 37 acres at the site of the former Westborough State Hospital.

“This is an exciting opportunity to acquire lake front property near Route 9 and I-495 for redevelopment for commercial and limited residential uses,” the town said in a release.

A tour of the Lyman Street property will be given on July 11, with a bidder’s conference being held on July 18.

Bids for the property are due by 11 a.m. on September 6

2 responses to “Westboro looking for RFP’s

  1. Stephen Callahan

    Pete, thanks for this post. You are correct looks like partial sale. Here is what I found in March 2016 article:
    “The long-vacant state hospital, which began its life as the Westboro Insane Asylum in 1884, has been under the town’s control since November 2014, when officials reached a deal to buy the property from the state for $2.2 million to be paid back over 10 years without interest.
    “It’s about $220,000 per year, so it’s not too much of a burden on the town budget,” said Warren Anderson, a member of the Reuse Committee. Even with the no-interest purchase, both officials and residents have said that they’re eager to see the property, which sits on a scenic hilltop near Lake Chauncy, be put to good use and not allowed to deteriorate further.
    The recommendation from the Reuse Committee calls for about 36 acres of the 95-acre site to be offered to developers and the rest to be conserved for town use, with a priority on recreation. Soccer fields that are in heavy use, as well as trails around Lake Chauncy and Little Chauncy, will be retained.
    Long-abandoned buildings in poor condition are not likely to be retained, according to Anderson. He said costs to rehab the buildings would be prohibitive for both the town and any potential developers.

    Anderson said some areas near the property were not included in the sale and remain under state control, such as Allen Hall and boys and girls juvenile detention centers currently in use by the state. For the 95 acres that are under town control, the Reuse Committee put a priority on recreation and preservation of the shoreline, and will seek authorization from town meeting voters to sell the remaining areas to developers.
    Any housing that would possibly be developed on the property would be restricted to people who are 55 and older, with a goal of not contributing to the growing student population. Single residential homes would not be allowed, under a zoning change bylaw that needs the approval of town meeting voters. Another parcel, with consists of about 9.9 acres, is home to rare and endangered species and will be left in its natural state.
    “This is by no means the end of the process,” said Anderson.”


  2. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    Thanks Stephen for all the information.


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