BoS 6/7 minutes

Meeting Minutes June 7, 2016 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. He announced this meeting is being recorded. Chairman Fisher asked for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world. BOARD OF ASSESSORS Tom Sweeney, Frank Perry and Yvonne Remillard members of the Board are present this evening to vote jointly a new member to fill the vacancy. The Town's March 2016 election voted for a new member, however, due to personal reasons he had to withdraw. The Assessors nominate candidate Jeffrey Skerry. They feel he is qualified and will be an asset to the Board with his legal and financial background. According to MGL Chapter 41 section 11 election is by roll call vote. Selectman Peterson, Clerk of the Board of Selectmen made a motion to close the nominations and it was so voted. He called for a roll call vote. Selectmen and Board of Assessors voted unanimously to appoint Jeffrey Skerry as a member of the Board of Assessors. Chairman Fisher offered congratulations to Mr. Skerry. PENDING ITEMS Committee appointments made by the Selectman were put on hold for the next meeting. Master Plan Steering Committee. There are three residents who submitted their letter of interest for appointment to the committee. They are Michael Quinlan, PeggySue Werthessen and Robert Herbstzuber. The Selectmen are appreciative that they have come forward. The committee's makeup includes one member each from the warrant committee and planning board. From the warrant committee Tom Marie will serve. The Planning Board will discuss their representative at their June 20 meeting and advise. VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman Marcucci to appoint Michael Quinlan, PeggySue Werthessen, Robert Herbstzuber and Tom Marie to the Town wide Master Plan Steering Committee and appoint Michael Quinlan as temporary chairman to call the first meeting. Vote was unanimous June 7, 2016 Page two Mr. Peterson suggests that the committee discuss with the Planning Board to find out if they have interest in overseeing the committee. Mr. Marcucci's idea is that the committee's prime go to are the Selectmen. Mr. Peterson agreed. Senior Housing Study Committee. Three residents are interested in serving on the committee. COA Director also submitted her letter. As an employee of the Town she would serve in the capacity of ex-officio. The Selectmen agreed that additional advertising in the newspapers, on biogs and on the Town's website is needed to gather interested residents. PROPOSED ADVISORY BOARD FOR OUTREACH PROGRAM Present Police Chief Meaney, Jennifer Polinski (Board of Health), Dawn Alcott and Chelsea Goldstein-Walsh. Ms. Alcott remarked that she selected several towns to ascertain if they currently have an active advisory board. All selected towns responded yes and ranged in size from seven to 16 members. Several have two or more youth members included. She said that Medfield had a council several years ago; however it dissolved because members didn't have the time to make a commitment. Over the past decade the youth in our society are dealing with higher levels of stress and are less able to cope. This puts more demands on families. Ms. Alcott feels it would benefit many to have a seven member board in Medfield to provide a broad scope of services and more support to families. The council would be an advocate and support the program so that more could be accomplished. Town Administrator remarked that a mission statement would need to be developed to make clear the goals of the youth outreach program. Mr. Peterson offered that perhaps a social service department could be developed with the Veterans' Agent as he helps some people in Town and between Youth Outreach and Veterans' Agent they could work together to give support to those in need. Perhaps it could be structured to also involve COA. Mr. Sullivan interjected saying that the Town has limited resources so we need to be careful when deciding how much we need to be involved as some things are beyond our scope and we can't be all things to all people. Ms. Polinski said that she has been on the Board of Health for about two and a half years and would like to have time to re-evaluate our role with Outreach. She went on that she feels BOH is not best suited to be part of the group to oversee this program. We have a broader mandate to follow with everything from septic systems to mosquitoes, ticks, as well as mental health. Selectman Marcucci said that when the Warrant Committee reviewed the Outreach budget it was sometimes difficult to allocate the resources requested. We need to give additional thought as to where the best place Outreach should be and which department to oversee schools or police department. June 7, 2016 Page three Chief Meaney remarked that his department has a strong relationship with Outreach. In the past Outreach has become involved with older members of the community along with fuel assistance and this can be difficult. The remaining comment was that perhaps Dawn could put together a draft of services to be covered and reach out to residents to join an advisory board. PUBLIC HEARING -TO SOLICIT As applicant Kaylene Leroux did not appear for the hearing, the Selectmen postponed their review. PROPOSED ENERGY REDUCTION PLAN Andres Seaman, Energy/Facilities Manager reported that he investigated and has prepared charts that show the overall baseline for 2015 municipal usage. He presented a graph presenting the highest to lowest usage per building. The first graph indicated the high school and middle school were the highest users. The second graph showed that the town garage was very high, however Andrew remarked that there were initial startup problems with natural gas usage that have been corrected. The premise for this research is that the Town needs to plan to reduce energy usage by 20% in order to qualify under the Green Communities Act. The Energy Committee proposes to work with town departments to come up with reduction strategies for each facility. CONTRACTS Andrew explained that he has two agreements that require the Selectmen's signature. The first is with Solar Design Associates, Inc., Harvard, MA for services to design and construction of a photovoltaic solar array at the Town Garage property. The work involved is to develop a detailed structural analysis that the building can hold the roof mounted solar electric system. The cost is $10,700.00 VOTED unanimously to sign agreement with Solar Design Associates as indicated above The Selectmen are requested to sign agreement with New Ecology, Inc., Boston for installation of a rooftop solar array at the Town Garage for a cost of $15,100.00 and it was so voted. Andrew also reported that the new solar array at the Wastewater Treatment Plant is up and running to full capacity. He said that for the next Selectmen's meeting he will have a preventive maintenance contract to be signed for the annual maintenance on the solar array. June 7, 2016 Page four BID AWARD VOTED unanimously to award the bid for Bituminous Patch to T.L. Edwards, Inc. for $56.00 I ton , at plant, with an alternate with Lorusso Corp. $60.00 I ton at plant and as recommended by Superintendent Feeney HNTB CORPORATION Superintendent Feeney remarked that this contract is for the reconstruction of North Street. Selectman Peterson had queried why the long delay to begin this project to which Mr. Feeney replied that we were set to go a few years back, however, the Chapter 90 financial structure changed. Total cost of project is 2.3M and estimated completion in 2019. VOTED unanimously to accept HNTB Agreement and authorize Superintendent Feeney to execute HOSHOSPITAL ROAD PROJECT~ ~~E:' Se/f!_Ctf!l~r}_(lre r20160607_Page_220160607_Page_320160607_Page_420160607_Page_5

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