Youth Outreach’s new advisory board

The Board of Selectmen met with the Medfield Youth Outreach Director, Dawn Alcott (above left) and worker, Chelsea Goldstein-Walsh (above right), at our regular first Tuesday of the month BoS meeting.  They discussed the Medfield Youth Outreach plan to establish a new advisory board, to whom Medfield Youth Outreach would report in the future.  Formerly MYO was slotted under and reported to the Board of Health.  All parties agreed that it was not a food fit having the Medfield Youth Outreach being placed under the Board of Health.

If anyone is interested in being part of the MYO advisory board, they should contact Medfield Youth Outreach at 508-359-7121 or  The Medfield Youth Outreach proposal for the new advisory board is set forth below.

Proposed Advisory Board Structure for Medfield Youth Outreach Membership: + Diverse representation with both appointed members and citizens at large + 7-9 voting members appointed by the Selectmen, 4-6 non-voting members + Term limits consistent with other town boards Municipal: (Some or all of the following) • Law Enforcement • Department of Recreation • Public Library • School Department /School Committee • Council on Aging/Veteran Services At Large Membership: (Some or all of the following sectors) • Youth Representative (1 or 2) • Parents • Clergy • Prevention Services • Pediatrician/Pediatric NP • Child and Family Clinician/mental health service provider • After School Service Providers/Young Child Services • Other: Marketing professionals, Grant Writers, etc. Non-voting Associate Membership/ Also in attendance: • Board of Health Liaison (as the BOH oversees the Advisory Board to MYO and MYO)? • Warrant Committee Liaison • Friends of Medfield Youth Outreach/Fundraising group (through MFi) representative • Additional qualified/interested parties if seats are filled from other categories • Consultants to Medfield Youth Outreach (as able attend) Purpose: + Build collaboration between Medfield Youth Outreach and town departments, community groups, and residents • Guide policy, approve budget, advocate for the needs of the department, support department goals, provide input about the needs of the community, protect the position from funding or· political change, receive updates and provide feedback on the services provided • Explore youth and family service trends and issues as they pertain to the department and community at large Responsibilities: + Complete/contribute to the Performance Evaluation of Director • Attend one meeting per month September through June for 1-1.5 hours monthly + Represent the Medfield Youth Outreach budget to the Warrant Committee/Selectmen annually (2 additional meetings) + Keep the Board of Health informed about the Medfield Youth Outreach Department /Advisory Board functioning and progress

The Board of Selectmen will ultimately make appointments to the new Medfield Youth Outreach advisory board at a later meeting.

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