More on 40B


First, it was suggested (a copy of part of the email appears below) that I list who qualifies to live in affordable housing, so I grabbed these current figures from HUD at this website.

Medfield town, MA
Income Limit 1-person 2-person 3-person 4-person 5-person 6-person 7-person 8-person
FY2016 Low-

Income Limits

$51,150 $58,450 $65,750 $73,050 $78,900 $84,750 $90,600 $96,450

Those income levels would cover most Town of Medfield employees and many of our seniors.


Second, I recalled a few more town owned parcels that could perhaps be used for affordable housing.

  • The land between the Legion and the railroad tracks along Dale Street.  This land is mostly wet, but there may be some along the RR tracks that is usable. It is currently being used by the DPW as a materials storage area.
  • The land along and across the RR tracks behind the Wheelock School.  It is also currently being used by the DPW as a materials storage area.
  • Next to the above DPW land behind Wheelock is a handsome and fairly large parcel (maybe ten acres) between the RR tracks and Rte. 27 that is former field under the control of the Water and Sewer Board.  Query whether that could be usable, if W&S did not need it?


This was part of the email from Stephen Callahan, to which I am partly responding (and thank you Stephen for your input)-

One area you did not address that I believe more education is needed is the question of “what exactly constitutes “affordable” or “low income”.”    Some are surprised to learn of the minimum and maximum income requirements for individuals from our area of state to qualify for 40B housing.   In addition, many of them are seniors, who don’t have children.

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