Hospital Road 40B

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Town officials have been meeting with the Larkin Brothers and their representatives to see if and how the town can impact the Larkins’ proposed 40B development off Hospital Road just before the DRC fields at the former Medfield State Hospital.  Most recently Mike Sullivan, Sarah Raposa, Kristine Trierweiler, Frank Perry, Ralph Costello, and I met with the Larkins this past Wednesday, at which point they brought along their architect and engineer, and shared the above plan.  This version of the plan is less dense than the prior plan, and has more first floor master suites to address the need in town for housing for the empty nesters.

The current iteration of the plan is down to 48 units, in an ownership condominium complex:

  • units range in size from 1700-2900 square feet
  • anticipated sale prices range from $500-650,000
  • 32 of 48 units will have first floor master suites
  • there are 116 bedrooms total
  • there are 24 singles and 24 duplexes
  • 12 units has 4 bedrooms, and the rest are 2 bedrooms (with a den) or 3 bedrooms
  • 8 of the 4 bedroom ones have the master suite upstairs (I would prefer fewer of these)
  • 8 of the 3 bedroom ones have the master suite upstairs (I would prefer fewer of these)
  • the density is 6 unit per acre
  • we discussed having a condo covenant to prohibit finished basements

The Larkins left the current plans with Twon Planner, Sarah Raposa.  The Larkins said they are just weeks away from filing with the state.  The look will be similar to  Grover Place on North Street that the Larkins are just finishing.  In the plan above, the top right house will not be part of the 40B, and they are looking to build that unit ASAP, to be a model sales unit for the 40B.  That house is planned on the lot that is currently the fifth house in from the fields.  The lines on the above plan are where I suggested they might consider putting connector paths out to the state DCR lands or what will ultimately become the town lands, that are now owned by the Amnotts.

All 40B proposals are permitted by the ZBA,  and my suggestion was that it behooved the town to see if the town could positively impact the proposal before the Larkins’ plans were finalized, and that is why these meetings are happening.  Town endorsement of the Larkins’ final plans might well assist them in their ZBA permitting process, and so both sides have much to gain by getting to a consensus plan.


4 responses to “Hospital Road 40B

  1. Errin Chapin

    I am confused…$500-650,000 is not 40b. I think that the town needs to make sure that the basements cannot be finished. Bridlefield’s original bedroom limits are not as they are today.


  2. Chris McMahon

    I work in commercial real estate in greater Boston and it has always been my experience that large land parcels require master planning initiatives in order to best serve the needs of the town, business and citizenry. Has a plan overlay district been approved at MSH? It has always been my feeling that the (now) Montrose site should have been purchased and developed per a Plan Overlay which would have specifically brought mixed-uses and tax revenues to Medfield. Now a prime and strategically important site is gone for the foreseeable future in town. Let’s not let Medfield lose control of MSH in the same way due to a lack of a very defined plan.


  3. How do we apply for these opportunities? I am low income, currently renting in Medfield, and my husband will be finishing school this summer to gain better employment so we can buy a home. I would love to stay in Medfield, especially with my sons IEP being through Medfield and him being so comfortable here.


  4. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    The Assistant Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler, at 508-906-3011 handles applications, or can tell you who does.