Farming on Medfield.TV

From Gil Rodgers –


“Let’s Go Farming” Video Available for Viewing on Medfield TV YouTube

Local farm products help safeguard our health and ensure healthier and better tasting food. Knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown enables us to choose fresh nutritious and safe food.


A new video series at Medfield TV “Let’s Go Farming” explores and demonstrates the benefits of local agriculture to the community, schools, restaurants, environment, parents, and kids. Based on experiences in running successful Community Supported Agricultural (CSAs) farms for many years, Medfield resident Gil Rodgers discusses with Laura Tangerini (Tangerini Farm, Millis, MA) and Andrew Rodgers, (Clark Farm, Carlisle, MA) how local farms provide organic and nutritious food, demonstrate the heritage of local agriculture, contribute to food and educational programs with schools, and offer consequential work opportunities for residents and students.

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