On being a selectman


One of the lesser known things the selectmen do is to sign the weekly warrants prepared by Town Accountant, Joy Ricciuto, which are long lists of each and every town expenditure.  Technically, no town money is to be spent without the approval of the selectmen, so each week Joy prepares the long lists of expenditures, and the selectmen sign off on her accounts, before the checks are issued. Those weekly warrants generally vary from $200,000 to over $2m.

This morning I stopped by the Town House early at 7:30 to sign the warrants.  Since I have gotten used to walking through the building in total darkness when I go to sign things after work, I generally never bother to turn on any lights.  As a result I scared the dickens out of Treasurer Collector, Georgia Colivas when she, getting to work early, rounded a corner in the morning gloom and found me where no one was expected. Fortunately no coffee spilled.

When I did then sign the warrants, by force of habit I signed on my old line, instead of moving up one line as I should have done, because on Monday we got a new selectman.  It is another one of those lesser known selectmen oddities that we tend to sign the warrants in our order of Chair, Clerk, third member, even though I am sure there is no requirement. So I welcomed Mike Marcucci by stealing his signature line on his first warrants.  However, no worries Mike, as the form has a fourth signature line.

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