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I just finished a long phone conversation with Mike Sullivan and Mark Cerel about several topics, including the warrant articles I asked at the selectmen meeting this week to have added to the annual town meeting (ATM) warrant, to deal with the issue that the 2012 town meeting vote to permit assisted living in residential zones was based on data that was only available in the Town Clerk’s office.

I had originally proposed at the Board of Selectmen meeting two articles:

  1. One first to vote again on the 2012 zoning change, but this time with full information, and
  2. A second vote to undo the 2012 zoning change.


As we talked it through, I realized that the second article could be made to do the same thing as the first article anyway.  Town Counsel was also noting out that the former would be difficult to do at this point where the zoning change had already both passed at the town meeting and been approved by the Attorney General.

The way we left it was that Town Counsel and Mike would prepare two articles for teh upcoming annual town meeting on April 25:

  1. The first one would change the use table back to what it was before 2012 for “Public, Semi-public Institutional” uses, and
  2. The second one would do the same for “Commercial” uses.

Those two votes would effectively re-vote the 2012 town meeting vote, so those articles satisfy my goal of allowing the town residents to decide this zoning change (to permit assisted living in residential zones, upon a discretionary special permit from the ZBA) upon full information at the town meeting.


One response to “Assisted living ATM articles

  1. Thank you for this fight! It is a great thing you are trying to do with this clarification.

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