CPA meeting 12/10 at 7pm

Adopting the Community Preservation Act is a way for Medfield to save money on our property taxes – it saves us money because of the state  matching money.  This year Medway is getting a state match at over 40% of what they paid in to their CPA fund, because they do the CPA at 3%, like we should be doing.  Medfield is already paying in to the money being distributed to the CPA towns, but we do not share in the payout because we have not yet adopted the CPA.

The letter below is from the newly formed town committee exploring the CPA for Medfield.



Dear Community Member,

Care about preserving Medfield’s unique character?  We urge you to join us at *7 p.m. on Dec. 10 at the Zullo Gallery* for conversation, wine, beer and bites to eat so you can learn more about the Community Preservation Act (see attached flyer for basic points).

We’ve all witnessed rapid changes taking place in Medfield over the years. Numerous historic structures have disappeared or are at great risk of disappearing; open space is  threatened by development pressures; affordable housing for our seniors is desperately needed; and a costly recreation project will be proposed to Medfield taxpayers at the 2016 Town Meeting.

At the same time, it was recently announced that $36 million in funding will be distributed to 156 towns across the Commonwealth specifically earmarked for preservation of open space, historic structures, affordable housing, and recreation, but Medfield will not be among the towns receiving any funding. Why? Because we have yet to adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA).

In towns that have adopted the CPA, taxpayers will be receiving an almost 30% return on their investment this year alone.

So what can you do?  Join us at the Zullo Gallery on Dec. 10!  This is an opportunity to be among a group of concerned citizens working to educate fellow residents about the Community Preservation Act, and to see who might want to play a role in getting it adopted in the town of Medfield. If you’d like to attend, please just click on the registration form below (not mandatory, but helpful for planning purposes).


Chris McCue Potts
Dan Bibel
Russ Hallisey

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