NYT article correction

This email to the editor of the New York Times about its article this week about Pete Carroll, notes that he was not involved with the evergreen field at MHS. Tim Nugent and Steve McCormack were the primary people who reportedly made it happen.

From: abby marble
Date: January 30, 2015 at 11:29:45 AM EST
To: “nytnews@nytimes.com” <nytnews@nytimes.com>
Subject: correction

A correction should be made to yesterday’s article about Pete Carroll and his
connections to Medfield, MA written by PETER MAY.
Pete Carroll was long gone from Medfield when the Evergrass turf field began
looking for funding.  The first dollar deposited toward the field was on 5/5/04.  I
have a list of every single contributor and neither Pete Carroll or Drew Bledsloe
had a part in the field. It was a grass roots effort by the wonderful Medfield
residents.  Please contact me if you need more information.
Abby Marble

I have been a Medfield resident since 1989 and Treasurer of the Medfield
Foundation since its incorporation in 2001.
FYI — Medfield Foundation was the 501 (c) 3 used to facilitate the raising of
the money for the field.

One response to “NYT article correction

  1. I am sure there is some small confusion about the fund raising projects we accomplished over many years in Medfield.

    Abby is correct in her details about the Evergreen project. That does not diminish the efforts of either Pete or Drew to assist our schools. Both were very involved in an earlier effort to put new sod down on the football field years earlier in an effort they both were instrumental in supporting. I have fond memories of the night we filled the MHS gym with hundreds of our friends in the effort. Pete and Drew were great supporters of our public schools and our athletes. Always wish him the best….except Super Bowl Sunday.

    Best wishes


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