Cultural Council get $4,250 at ATM

The Cultural Council got a first time $4,250 budget out of our annual town meeting (ATM) last night, a request that was so modest for a return that is so big, that it made that decision easy for me even in a year of self-created tight budget decisions.  The Cultural Council gets $4,250 from the sate each year, so they will now have double the budget going forward.

My summary I had written out, if the Board of Selectmen needed me to speak to it, was going to be:

  • Small money
  • Big Value
  • Huge addition to quality of life

I have come to believe that the quality of life in town is the sum of the many small things that happen that are interesting and good, and all the items supported by the Cultural Council are high on that list.  Their new grant awards ceremony this past month is the newest one of those.

I want to believe in the idea that spending on the arts redounds to the community economically as well, as I have heard, but I am still not sure about that in my mind.  Regardless, I feel it is still worthwhile spending even if we do not get a direct financial return out of our spending on the arts.

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