Pocket park name

This press release from the Pocket Park Committee –

 Park Naming Contest Winner Announced

Medfield, MA: The Steering Committee responsible for the public process to design and name the town owned parcel between Zebra’s and Starbucks is pleased to announce the winning name of Straw Hat Park.

Chair Jean Mineo said the Committee would have been happy with either name. “But Straw Hat Park references a history rich in imagery and materials we hope to incorporate into the park design to connect people to the past in a meaningful and fun way.”

The Straw Hat Park name was overwhelmingly selected by 65% of the voters over Isaac Fiske Park which received 35% of the votes.” Mineo notes, “We were thrilled that 284 people cast a vote in the second round, indicating strong interest in the park and the process. Our sincere thanks to everyone who took time to read about the history of the park area and vote.”

Voting was conducted through an on-line survey and promoted in the press, social media, an email campaign, and in blogs through town leadership. In the first round, voters were asked to select a name or write in a suggestion of their own. The Committee launched a second round of voting for the two most popular names as a result. The Straw Hat Park name will appear as part of the Warrant Article for approval by residents at Town Meeting on April 28, 2014.

In addition to the naming contest, the Steering Committee has been working to develop a preliminary budget for the park and expects to complete the design concept this summer and begin work and plantings later this fall. For more information, contact JeanMineo@aol.com.

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