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Free furniture for the needy

This new effort sounds like a wonderful addition –

New Life Home Refurnishing, a new nonprofit furniture bank serving this area, is in desperate need of mattresses and box springs of any size in good condition (no stains, visible marks or tears), as well as bedding of any size. We have several people in a queue waiting to “shop” for furniture until we add some mattresses to our inventory. Most of our limited selection of mattresses went to several clients before Christmas. 

New Life Home Refurnishing is a brand new non-profit organization that accepts tax-deductible donations* of “gently used” furniture and household items, warehouses them and then makes them available at no charge to those in need. We are located just over the Medfield line at 102 Elm Street (Route 27) in the brick mill building after the railroad bridge.

New Life helps individuals and families in transition: victims of fires or floods, those escaping domestic abuse, people coming out of homelessness, veterans of war and recent refugees. In order to qualify, clients need to provide a letter of referral from a social service agency or clergy member. Donors also benefit through this local opportunity to recycle furniture and household items they no longer need.

New Life Home Refurnishing moved to its new warehouse space on January 18. (We outgrew our donated space in Medfield after only three months!) Now we are anxious to build up our inventory of furniture in order to serve the growing list of clients in our queue. Although we will be grateful for any donations of furniture and household items in good condition, we especially need the things listed at the bottom of this page. See if you have questions about what we accept. The warehouse will be open to receive donations from 9-11 AM on Saturdays. We will also pick up large items during that time frame. Please contact us at or 774-316-6395.

Volunteers are needed for all facets of our operation, from 2.5 hours on a Saturday morning to a variety of behind the scenes tasks. Let us know of your interest by email or phone.

ATM warrant article list

Mike Sullivan sent out an updated list of draft annual town meeting (ATM) warrant articles.   Let me know if there is anything that you would like to have added.  –

Preliminary Warrant Articles for 2014 ATM

  1. Town Election.
  2. Report of Town Officers.
  3. Accept Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds.
  4. Reauthorize Fire Alarm Revolving Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  5. Reauthorize Ambulance Revolving Fund  (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  6. Reauthorize Advance Life Support Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  7. Reauthorize Community Gardens Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  8. Reauthorize Rental Income Revolving Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  9. Reauthorize Library Revolving Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2)
  10. Reauthorize Respite Care Revolving Fund (Chapter 44, Section 53E 1/2).
  11. Vote to reduce residency requirements for qualified veterans from five years to one year as provided in last paragraph of Chapter 59, Section 5, Clause 22.
  12. Accept Provisions of Section four, Chapter 73 of the Acts of 1986; tax-exemptions  (routine-voted every year)
  13. Accept MGL Chapter 60A, Section 1, Paragraphs 6, 7 & 8, exempting from motor vehicle excise tax qualifying active and full time military members or veterans with qualifying disabilities
  14.  Accept MGL Chapter 60A, Section 9 to permit deferral of motor vehicle excise tax for a member of the Mass National Guard or reservist or dependent of a member of the Mass National Guard or reservist for up to 180 days after completion of that service.
  15. Fix Salary and Compensation of Elected Officials.
  16. Amend Personnel Administration Plan-Classification of Positions and Pay Schedule as set out in the Warrant.
  17. Operating budgets.
  18. Capital Budgets.
  19. Appropriate a sum of money to provide for payments under the Senior Tax Work-off Program and the Veterans Volunteer Work Tax Abatement Program
  20. Amend the Town of Medfield By-laws to regulate public consumption of  marijuana.
  21. Appropriate sewer betterments paid-in-advance to Sewer Stabilization Fund.
  22. Transfer funds from Fy14  County Retirement budget to  the Unfunded Retiree  Health Insurance Stabilization Fund and appropriate funds and/or transfer a sum of money  from free cash to the Unfunded Retiree Health Insurance Stabilization Fund.
  23. Accept MGL, Chapter 32B, Section 20 establishing an Other Post Employment Benefits    Liability Trust Fund and (?) appoint a Health Care Security Trust board of trustees, as provided in MGL, Chapter 29D, Section 4, and transfer all monies in the Unfunded Retiree Health Insurance Stabilization Fund to the Other Post Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund

24 Authorize Conservation Commission to enter into lease of Holmquist land for agricultural and/or other conservation related uses, such as organic farming and/or organic cooperative farming..

25 Appropriate funds, determine financing and/or authorize borrowing for preparation of design and construction documents (and for the construction, equipping, furnishing and landscaping) of a public safety building.

26 Appropriate funds for the reconstruction of a sidewalk on Main and South Streets and transfer the balance of funds appropriated under Article 30 of the 2013 Annual Town Meeting for preservation of the Lord’s sign.

27 Appropriate funds and authorize borrowing and easements for the construction of a replacement water tower and associated water mains at the site of the former Medfield State Hospital.

28 Appropriate the sum of $139,207 said sum to be transferred from the Water Enterprise Fund unrestricted fund balance to the General Fund Stabilization Fund, to reimburse the General Fund Stabilization Fund for monies appropriated under Article 2 of the October 2013 Special Town Meeting to pay for design of a water tower and associated water mains

29 Appropriate sums of money from the Water and Sewer Enterprise Funds for the purpose of inspecting, repairing and upgrading the water and sewer infrastructures.

30 Authorize Board of Selectmen to lease Lot 3, a parcel of Town-owned land off Ice House Road, for ? purposes.

31. Transfer care, custody and control of Lot 3, a parcel of Town-owned land off Ice House Road to the Park & Recreation Commission.

32 Appropriate a sum of money to match the funds received from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Cultural Council awards or put in Selectmen’s budget? Joy says can’t do.

33 Appropriate a sum of money for the Veteran’s Day recognition breakfast or put in Veteran’s Services budget?

34   Articles for updating of by-laws? Remove limitation on number of town meeting speakers. Anything else?

35.   Codify By-laws.

36. Establish by right zoning district or overlay zone for solar generation and/or other uses (R & D, manufacturing, generation).

37.  Vote to adopt stretch code for building construction (Energy Committee not sure how it will proceed) (Planning Board will not sponsor. Should Selectmen co-sponsor?)

38. Appropriate a sum of money for hiring consultants to advise on matters relating to former Medfield State Hospital site.

39. Appropriate funds for construction of a pocket park on Town-owned land between Starbucks and Zebra’s and/or name park?

40   Accept ROW easement from Wild Holly Lane to Holmquist Conservation land.

41.   Authorize Application for Public Library Construction Program grant.

42.  Vote to put on ballot question to accept the Community Preservation Act.

43.  Accept a gift of a parcel of land on Pine Street between existing street and layout.

44. Designate the Peak House/Clark Tavern Historic District

45  Appropriate free cash to reduce tax rate

BoS 1/21 agenda

Board of Selectmen
Agenda January 28, 2014

The Medfield Board of Selectmen needs to meet in Executive Session (closed session) at close of meeting for the purpose of discussing threaten litigation, RGL LLC vs. Town of Medfield and Trustees of Red Gate Farm

We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan

This meeting is being recorded

6:00 PM William Donovan, Town employee

Discuss snow plowing policy for Wastewater Treatment Plant employees

6:15 PM Park and Recreation
Discuss FY2015 budget

6:30 PM Town Counsel
Discussion of Town Bylaw update

7:00PM Permanent Building Committee, Chief Kingsbury, Chief Meaney

Public presentation of proposed Public Safety Building

8:00PM Medfield Energy Committee
Discuss of green communities certification and energy grant manager application

8:30PM Discussion of sidewalk in front of Brothers Marketplace

Decision as to which articles to include in Warrant

Discuss wishes to accept donation of land on Pine Street

An invitation was received from Boy Scout Troop 89 to attend the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Eric Lundstrom, Jake Lester and Benjamin Wilson on Saturday February 8,2014 at the United Church of Christ

Vote to approve meeting minutes of December 3, 2013 and January 7,2014

Church of the Advent respectfully requests a one-day wine and malt permit for annual dinner event on Saturday March 1, 2014



Resident’s letter of appreciation regarding the Public Visioning Workshop on January 11
Estimated cherry sheet
From Norfolk County Retirement System, Town’s FY15  Appropriation
Packet of information from Conservation Commission


January 22,2014

(508) 359-4698

Board of Selectmen
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Re.: Land gift


If you’ll draw up the paperwork, my wife Meg and I would like to donate to the Town of Medfield a small piece of land, located on Pine Street, being shown as Parcel lion Map No. 66 of the Medfield Assessors. A photocopy of the land as it appears on the Map is enclosed herewith, highlighted in yellow. The parcel consists of approximately 6,100 square feet ofland, and is located between the pavement of Pine Street and the Norfolk County layout.

Please let me know if, in behalf of the Town, you’re interested in accepting the gift.

Thank you for your courtesies.

R. Edward Beard
18 Ledgetree
Medfield, MA 02052

459 Main St.
Medfield, MA 02052

Dear Selectmen:

I attended the Hospital Visioning Workshop on January 11th, and came away impressed with the professionalism of the presentations and the knowledge of all of the people involved who have given so much of their time.

Sometimes, communities have to make a decision without having adequate information; not in this instance. And all of my questions were answered during the discussions before I even had to ask them.
The event was well organized and I thank all of the citizens who did all of the work to reach this point.

Also, being able to participate that day was much appreciated by me.

Justin Brady

Norfolk County Retirement System
December 16,2013
To: Board of Selectmen
Town of Medfield
From: Norfolk County Retirement System
Subj: Town of Medfield Fiscal Year 2015 Appropriation

The Norfolk County Retirement System has received several inquiries relative to the member unit appropriation amounts for Fiscal Year 2015. We have received the appropriation figures. The units have two payment options,

1) Paying the appropriation in two equal payments, one due on July 1, 2014 and the second due on January 1, 2015,

2) Paying the appropriation in a single payment on July 1, 2014 at a reduced rate, approximately 2% less than option 1.

The amounts of each are set forth below. Please note that your  Fiscal Year 2015 appropriation includes prior Early Retirement Incentives (ERIs), where applicable.

Option 1:  $1,720,395.00 payable in two equal payments of
$860,197.50, the first on July 1, 2014 and the second on
January 1, 2015.

Option 2:  $ 1,686,967.00 due in full on July 1, 2014.

The actual appropriation bills will be sent out at a later date.

We hope the above information is helpful. If you have any questions, please contact
Patrick LePage at 781-821-0664. Thank you.

CADCA statement Marijuana – President Obama

Jan 23, 2014 Drug type: Marijuana<>

CADCA Responds to President Obama’s Comments on Marijuana

Washington, D.C. – Today, Gen. Arthur T. Dean, Chairman and CEO of Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), the nation’s leading substance abuse prevention organization, issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s comments on marijuana in an interview with The New Yorker.

“CADCA is concerned that only a portion of what the President said during his interview has made headlines, when in fact the President expressed some serious concerns about marijuana legalization. CADCA believes that substance abuse is a public health concern and has wide-reaching negative effects on our young people and society. So we agree with President Obama’s comment that marijuana use is a ‘bad habit’, a ‘bad idea and a waste of time’. We also echo the President’s sentiment that the case for marijuana legalization is ‘overstated’ and will not solve the many social problems our society faces.

“The President also noted that the marijuana legalization experiments in Colorado and Washington might create a ‘slippery slope’ where people begin suggesting that we legalize harder drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. CADCA couldn’t agree more.

“However, as an organization that represents community coalitions working to reduce drug use among our nation’s youth, CADCA is deeply concerned with the President’s comment that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. The two leading causes of preventable death in the U.S. are alcohol and tobacco. Can adding another legal drug and creating another legal drug industry really be in our country’s best interest? We think not.

“As Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, has often stated, marijuana use is not harmless. Regular marijuana use can have profound negative effects on the teenage developing brain. It can hamper a young person’s ability to learn and affect their development. Smoking the drug at a young age increases a young person’s chances of becoming addicted to marijuana and other drugs into adulthood.

“The President’s remarks and comments carry significant impact. Therefore, at a time when national studies indicate that the majority of high school seniors don’t view marijuana as harmful and marijuana use is trending upwards among teens, we ask that the President consider the wide body of research showing the harms of marijuana use on young people and use the bully pulpit to positively influence teens.”


CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America), is the national membership organization representing over 5,000 coalitions and affiliates working to make America’s communities safe, healthy and drug-free. CADCA’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of community coalitions to create and maintain safe, healthy and drug-free communities globally.

BoS minutes 1/7

Meeting minutes
January 7, 2014
Chenery Meeting Room

PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, DeSorgher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Administrative Assistant Clarke

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM.

Chairman Fisher announced this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan.  There was a moment of silence in honor of the Serviceman from Abington who was recently killed in action.

Mr. Sullivan highlighted several of the articles beginning with articles 11, 13 and 14 saying that each refers to veterans’ benefits requested by Veterans’ Agent Ron Griffin; article 19 involves the senior tax work-off program. Beginning this year the residents involved in the program will be paid through the town’s payroll system to conform to IRS regulations, which will require withholdings. Mr. Peterson is of the opinion that the work off amount should be raised from $500 to $1,000 and it would help those seniors make up for the deductions they will now face.  However, it was noted that the Assessors feel the overlay cannot handle this high of an increase. Article 20 asks for an amendment to the Town’s bylaws to regulate public consumption of marijuana. The Selectmen would like to have conversation with Chief Meaney and the Board of Health about this subject. Article 25 deals with the proposed public safety building; article 26 asks for funds to  reconstruct the sidewalk on Main and South Streets and transfer any monies designated to preserve the Lord’s sign for this purpose. Additionally conversation is needed for several more articles, i.e. Energy Committee proposes the Town adopt the stretch code for building construction; funds for hiring a consultant regarding the state hospital site; construction of a pocket park between Starbucks and Zebra’s; Community Preservation Act proposal and a connecting path from Wild Holly Lane to the Wheelock School.  Discussions will continue.

VOTED unanimously to appoint Maryalice Whalen to the Capital Budget Committee and as recommended by Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler

VOTED unanimously to appoint Claire Shaw to the Medfield Cultural Council and as recommended by Chairman Jean Mineo

VOTED unanimously to appoint Michelle Doucette to the Committee to Study Memorials and as recommended by the Committee

The Board was advised that Park & Recreation Commission will attend the January 21 meeting to discuss their fy15 budget, Council on Aging will come to the February 4 meeting to discuss their budget and also the Insurance Advisory Committee will attend for discussion regarding OPEB actuarial study and status of Norfolk County Retirement system.

Selectman DeSorgher has been in discussion with Roche Bros regarding a new design for the sidewalk running from South Street along Main towards the library. The proposal is for a new sidewalk with a two foot strip of bricks closer to the curb, similar to the sidewalk on Pound Street; one-third of the sidewalk is Roche Bros. and two-thirds is the Town’s. Roche Bros. has agreed to contribute to the cost of construction. Mr. DeSorgher requests the support of the Board for this jOint venture. On a motion made and seconded it was

VOTED unanimously to support a joint venture with Roche Bros. to construct a new sidewalk from the parking lot on South Street continuing onto Main Street ending at the jewelry store near the public library and as recommended by the. Aesthetics Committee

VOTED unanimously to grant Council on Aging a one-day wine and malt beverage permit for three events: January 15 supper club; February 15 valentine’s Dance and March 15 Irish Dinner

VOTED unanimously to grant St Edward Parish a one-day alcohol license for annual Parish Dance to be held Saturday January 25, 2014 7-11 PM

VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Coalition for Public Education to Post signs January 26 to February 15 promoting their spring fundraiser

This Saturday January 11 the State Hospital Advisory Committee will hold a Public Visioning Workshop at the CENTER to gather input for potential reuse of the property. The Committee is looking forward to good attendance.

Mr. Peterson commended Nicholas Sauro for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout saying that the ceremony was done differently, however as always well done. He announced that the Angel Run held in December was very successful with both attendance and financially and the proceeds will be donated to help needy families in Medfield. Also the Foundation requests nominations for Volunteer of the Year awards are submitted by January 31,2014.  Mr. Peterson attended last night’s Planning Board meeting learning about the proposed Clark Tavern on Main Street. He favors the idea of the old building being reused; however, he feels a commercial building should not be in a residential neighborhood. He is glad the Selectmen do not have to make a choice because it is a complicated issue, a Hobson’s choice. He went on to say “I would not want to live next door to a commercial building.”

Mr. DeSorgher questioned the status of Medfield being designated a Tree City, however, Ms. Trierweiler was not present to comment. He is concerned that library employees need to park their vehicles in the Janes Avenue lot and it is not well lighted. Mr. Sullivan responded that recently the Fire Department did change some light bulbs so it should be ok now. Mr. DeSorgher commented that a section of the stone wall on South Street opposite Grist Mill Road was damaged after a tree fell on the wall; isn’t sure if the wall is town property or private but he feels it has been that way for a long time and should be repaired. He had a successful meeting with Columbia Gas Company representatives regarding the condition of Adams Street after the gas company did work and he also let them know that there are four holes, actually gas valve holes that need to be filled in. The reps told him that Adams Street will be first on the list to repair/repave in the spring and the valve holes will be hot tarred immediately. He attended the weekly meeting at the Town Garage site where progress is slowly being made mostly due to weather conditions. He agrees that Nicholas Sauro’s Eagle Court of Honor was impressive. Mr. DeSorgher extended condolences to the families of Ed Doherty and Anita Daniels. He said that Ed was a great person very active in his community with sports programs, Medfield cable TV and taking part in celebrating the Town’s anniversary. Anita a long time resident was very involved through the years with kids sport programs. They will be greatly missed. The next mini Town Hall meeting will be held at the home of John and Mary Harney on Maplewood Road January 16. He hopes that a schedule will be made for him to attend surrounding town’s selectmen’s meetings. Also noted that it is difficult for vehicles to maneuver on Upham Road that is very narrow and now the snow banks add to the difficulty. He would like to have an update on the proposal to have employees at Thomas Upham House park at the Dwight Derby House. Mr. DeSorgher went to the Planning Board meeting and it is a difficult decision and the neighbors have  legitimate concerns. He hopes that the traffic study will address some of those issues. He mentioned that at the meeting Michael Taylor, Historic District Commissioner talked about historic preservation of the old building saying that the tavern and the Peak House will be made a historic district. The proponents plan a bed and breakfast that will greatly benefit Medfield. The Planning Board will continue the hearing on February 3 and this Thursday the  project will be presented to the Zoning Board of Appeals.
Mr. DeSorgher commented that it is unfortunate that the owner of the former Lord’s building Mr. Salvatore would not plow the rear parking lot after the storm; the Town did and they did a great job.

Mr. Fisher applauded the highway employees who really were creative and really good to remove the snow from the downtown. He wished Ann Thompson happy birthday celebrating her 80th
• He extended a heartfelt thank you to highway employee Malcolm Gibson who helped Andy Thompson after he fell on the snowy sidewalk on his early morning walk. Mr. Fisher enjoyed the Eagle Scout ceremony saying that it was a nice presentation and had wonderful displays. He said that he will be interviewed by Jack Peterson next week discussing town happenings. This Saturday is a big day for the Town to hear the public’s ideas for the reuse of the hospital property. He urges residents to have their thoughts heard as much effort went into planning the event. It will be well worth attending.

On a motion made by Selectman Peterson, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher the vote was unanimous to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 PM.

Woodland Theatre – Wow!

Just saw my first Woodland Theatre production and it was a blast.  I am sorry I missed the earlier shows.  This one was really funny, really well done, with a real professional production feel.  You are missing something special if you have not been.

MMA annual meeting update

Yesterday at the Massachusetts Municipal Association annual meeting I got to hear from Governor Patrick, Speaker DeLeo, Amy Pinter of DOR, and the Secretary of Administration and Finance, Glen Shor.  Today the speakers have included Senators Markey, Warren, and Mayor Walsh.  Senator Warren was by far and away the best speaker today and Governor Patrick gets my vote for the best speech  yesterday.

I have spoken with representatives from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, who encouraged us to engage the MAPC to plan for development of the State Hospital site.  MAPC is our regional planning agency and its services are free. 

I also spoke with the DEP about increasing our water withdrawal rights if we have new development at the MSH site and whether we will need to permit anew the MSH tubular well fields once we get it transferred to us by the state as part of the mediated resolution of the MSH clean up.

I spoke with DEP about how best to increase our recycling rates.

I have information about a number of useful sounding products from the trade show vendors, including a technology that does double duty as a sponge like material that you plant with a new tree and it  reduces watering need, which material can also be installed in sheets on roofs to create a planting medium to create green roofs.  There was also a spray on roof surface that sounds like it generated  savings.  I will pass all materials along to the appropriate town personnel.