Sad news

This email from Theresa Knapp just now –


1/29/2014 5:02PM
Patch site
Knapp, Theresa
“Theresa Knapp, Editor” <>

Hi all.

As of 5pm today, this email address will no longer work.  It has been a pleasure covering the Town of Medfield and working with all of you.


AOL sold the whole Patch network this past month, and from the new owner’s press release it seemed ominous, as that new owner indicated that the Patch sites would continue as a place for individuals and municipalities to post materials — but there was no mention of “reporters” being part of the future plans.

I am assuming that Patch has now removed our editor.

Medfield was indeed fortunate to have two fine and hard working journalists create our Patch site, first Jeremie Smith and most recently Theresa Knapp.  We are indebted to them, for both the amount and the depth of the information that they have shared with us.   They have made us more knowledgeable and better for it.

Thank you Theresa for all that you have done for the Town of Medfield!

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