State approved tax rate

Email from Mike Sullivan, forwarding notification of the state approval of our tax rate set by the Board of Selectmen last night, and certified by each of us by means of electronic signatures at the DOR website after our meeting  –


fy14 tax rate of $16.12 was approved this morning. I guess your electronic signatures did the trick. Happy Thanksgiving. Mike

Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 10:43 AM
Subject: Tax Rate Approval Notification

Massachusetts Department of Revenue Division of Local Services
Amy Pitter, Commissioner
Robert G. Nunes, Deputy Commissioner & Director of Municipal Affairs

Medfield Assessors                Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Assessors:

The Fiscal Year 2014 tax rate has been certified by the Bureau of Accounts for Medfield.

The four pages of the tax rate recapitulation form and the levy limit worksheet (not
applicable to districts) are available on the Division of Local Services website:

Tax Rate Recapitulation Form

Levy Limit Worksheet

Page one of the tax rate recapitulation form includes the Director of Accounts’ electronic
signature and the date of approval. This letter is your notification of approval pursuant to
Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 59, section 23. Please forward copies of this notification
to other officials as you deem appropriate.

We wish to thank you for your cooperation and assistance in the tax rate setting process.

Gerard D. Perry
Director of Accounts

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