Winslow’s farewell address

This from John Nunnari –

Transcripts from Rep. Winslow’s farewell address to the Chamber last Wednesday (right after the final vote to repeal the tech tax).


Rep. Donato banged the gavel.

WINSLOW RESIGNATION: Clerk James read the resignation of Rep. Winslow who said he had “loved every minute” of his service and said his family has been in the area since the seventeenth century.

Rep. DeLeo made his way to the rostrum pausing to greet representatives on the way.

At 4:44 p.m., Rep. DeLeo banged the gavel and introduced Rep. Winslow.

Rep. Winslow said, This will be my last time at this podium. I’ve always felt a special affection for you Mr. Speaker. I don’t know if it’s because I’m half Italian or you’re half Republican. I want to thank my leader, Mr. Jones and all my feisty friends from the second division. Mike Dukakis said you hear those alleycats and you think they’re fighting, but they’re just making more cats. The comments from the gentleman from Kingston, I do believe this chamber is an example for Congress. I’ve been able to reach across the aisle and work across the aisle. The lady from Concord worked with me to have prison inmates re-upholster the furniture in the Member’s Lounge. We modernized the definition of intellectual disability. I couldn’t have done that without the gentleman from Worcester. With the gentleman from Lynn we added tele-medicine to the health care law. The lady from Wareham and I were recognized by the Mass. Marine Trades for a bill that allowed us to make boatyards less expensive. The fellow who paints my boat really likes me know. We did the adoption task force, so women really have a choice in Mass. My friend on the Committee on Judicary. I stood for equality. I’ve made lifetime friendships in this chamber. I think this is a great incubator. I look no further than the gentleman from Dorchester. I wrote my thesis on the House. I’ve been a student of this House since I was 18. I entered this chamber in love with the institution of the House and I leave in love with the people of the House. (Applause).

The seats cleared as members hugged and greeted Rep. Winslow.

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