Water ban

The irony of the water ban signs appearing during one of the wettest weeks of the summer, hides the underlying basis on which the water bans rest.

First, I am told that the water ban was approved by the Water & Sewer Board at its meeting last week, before the deluge started.

Second, according to my discussion with Mike Sullivan this morning, the water bans are triggered by one of several factors, one being the amount of water that the town pumps on a daily basis.  Due to the recent heat wave and the amount of lawn watering going on, we had exceeded that daily threshold.

Third, the state uses another trigger, which Mike says is the Charles River’s water flow at a dam in Dover.  This trigger is despite the fact that Medfield’s aquifers are felt by the town to be so far below the river that we do not think that we draw any water from the river at all.

Lastly, to make you feel better, Mike said that Mark Cerel relates that his other town where he is town counsel, Franklin, bans outdoor water use on any day except the day your trash is collected.  If we did that no one would ever be able to water their lawn, until they contracted with a trash service – wait a minute, ultimately our transfer station tipping fees would plummet as people who wanted to water their lawns contracted to get their trash picked up.   Hmmm . . .

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