On being a selectman

Busy time as a selectman –

  • MSH Clean Up Mediation Committee and DCAMM joint meeting to report to the town a week ago yesterday.  Excellent report on excellent results, crafted and achieved by the hard work by our committee and DCAMM both.  I am expecting the written report to arrive soon, so we can be prepared to discuss it at the Board of Selectmen meeting next Tuesday.  See their report here.
  • my first Friday of the month selectman office hours at The Center (9-10AM) a week ago, with lots of customers
  • Lyme Disease Study Committee Monday night – well run deer management program, that is looking to add more private lands
  • yesterday was a marathon day of selectman work, starting with Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP) meeting in the morning, Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony in the evening, followed by the first meeting of the  Committee for the Collaborative Reuse of the MSH, to prepare for our first meeting with DCAMM next Monday about the town purchase of the MSH site – I spent five hours on selectman tasks that day, and ate dinner at 9:45PM.

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