Election today

I voted before going to work this morning, and I was surprised that there was a steady stream of voters when I was there around 8 AM, making me guess that Medfield will exceed the 15% turnout projected statewide.  15% for us would be about 1,200 voters.

Town Clerk Carol Mayer had set up a slick system to handle the two elections at once that we are doing today, both the state primary and the town election on the DPW’s new garage.  I felt badly for Carol, as we left the annual town meeting (ATM) around 11 PM last night, and she probably opened the polls at 6 AM.

When I arrived, John Harney was the stalwart sole sign holder at the entrance to The Center, with a sign for Stephen Lynch.  I am glad that John has such beautiful weather, which is not the case for our usual town elections at the end of March.  One year I recall that I was glad it was cold enough that it snowed, as if it had been five degrees warmer and had rained instead, then I would have gotten really, really cold.

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