Downtown Study Committee

Downtown Study Committee met with Garden Club President Nancy Tella to seek assistance in planning plantings around Meeting House Pond.  She offered their expertise, and even their money, but indicated that others would have to undertake to maintenance going forward.

Starbucks developer was reported to have closed on the Mobil station site, with plans to have it opened come September.  The town land between the station and Zebra's will hopefully get fixed up as a pocket park as part of the process, with outdoor seating.  MEMO has already promised a bench for the site.

That same developer, Greg Salvatore, has purchased the Lord's site, and reports that there is an interested tenant who may take the whole site, that dividing the space into three stores is possible, and that the conversion will take a year to complete.  The town is working to save the Lord's sign.

A new town tree will be planted in front of Larkin's, donated by MEMO, come April, when the town will celebrate becoming a national arbor town.

3 responses to “Downtown Study Committee

  1. What is an arbor town??


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      As I understand it from listening at the Downtown Study Committee meetings, the entity that runs the program that provides the designation publishes a set of requirements, which we do meet without doing more. Then it sounds like the main benefit/feature we get is signs proclaiming we are one – one of those things to pick up because it is easy to do so.

      On a broader basis, I would like to see the town government be the catalyst that motivate private parties to plant and care for more street trees in town. Nancy Tella’s big point last night was that getting plant material planted is only the beginning, as then the hard part is maintaining what you have planted.


      • A good company to buy young cheap tree’s bare root is from Fedco Tree’s! I’ve bought many apple tree’s and Sugar Maples and a lot more plant material from them. A good company. I’ve also wanted to plant some crab apples near the fire station and shade trees along Dale St because the Norway Maples ate dying. Another good spot would be along Noth St. Where all the grass is by the school. It could break up the half mile of power lines