Guide to municipal management in MA

The Pioneer Institute has published and distributed to us a Guide to Sound Fiscal Management for Municipalities, on how to operate a town in Massachusetts.  Always good to get help in doing the things that we do to run Medfield.

This guide comes with a downloadable Excel worksheet that allow one to compare us to 14 other towns, which then compares Medfield’s metrics to those of the other 14 towns.  The spreadsheet actually suggested most of the towns to use for the comparison, based on the major similarities.   Interesting to use to compare Medfield to other towns.

BTW, it says we are now down from 1st to 3rd in the state on the percentage of our population in school.  24% of Medfield attends school, versus 15.1% statewide and 19.4% of the 14 towns I selected for comparison.

Medfield’s debt, debt service,  debt and debt service as a % of budget, debt as a % of EQV, and debt at a % of budget were all a lot higher than both the towns the program selected and the ones I added.

In broad general terms, based on the towns in my comparisons, our school and DPW costs were generally higher, while our police and fire costs were generally lower than in the comparison towns.

I highly recommend this tool for anyone who wants to know how what we are doing in Medfield compares to other towns.  It gives you the figures and graphs them out for easy comparisons.



Income Per Capita (2009)
MEDFIELD $64,433
State Median $28,058
Peer Median $51,034

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