Medfield 20/20 Leadership Council

Chris McCue Potts suggested a couple of good names for the new former selectmen town advisors, in an email last evening (a copy of the email appears below) –


Hi Pete,

I always love a good creative challenge!  I tried to come up with an acronym, but wasn’t having any luck. After thinking about how many we do have (and how confusing it’s getting), I decided to take a different approach.

I wrote down a bunch of words and phrases that represent what your group is all about…


Institutional memory

Lessons of past


Combined experience



Many combined years/decades of service

Clarity  (the ability to see things as they really are due to past experience)


What about the Medfield 20/20 Leadership Council  (my favorite)?

Or, Medfield Leadership & Experience Council (MLEC)?


Just a couple ideas!


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