Still time to get in on the thermal imaging

The email below came today from Sagewell, the company doing the thermal imaging, to those who had signed up.  However, there is still time for people to get the results of the thermal imaging of their homes , if they sign up at Sagewell’s website.  The thermal imaging was supposed to have been occurred earlier this week


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Sagewell is coming to Medfield this week!

Dear Osler,

On behalf of Sagewell, the Medfield Energy Committee, Medfield Green, and Medfield Selectmen, thank you for requesting a thermal image analysis for:


NOTE: If this message has been forwarded to you by a friend and this is not your address, see “Include Your Home” below.

Sagewell will be coming to Medfield in a few days. You may see our vehicle driving by if you happen to be awake late at night or in the early hours of the morning! The heat loss measurement process is simple, quick, and non-intrusive, and our vehicle will drive by your house in about two seconds.

The equipment measures the heat escaping from your home – as long as the building is visible from the street. If there are fences, trees or bushes blocking the view of your house, we will not be able to measure the heat losses. On average, about 10 percent of homes have blocked views. When the analysis reports are produced, homeowners will only be able to log on and view the property reports of their own homes.

Please encourage your neighbors to sign up by forwarding this e-mail to them. Hit “FORWARD THIS E-MAIL” at the bottom of this e-mail to share with your friends and neighbors in Medfield.

What happens next?

Once the imaging is done, the analysis of the thermal images begins. Our proprietary software and expert analysts will review the homes for which we have received requests (which includes the address above). We will then send you an email within a few weeks announcing the availability of your report. The thermal imaging analysis reports are available free of charge to homeowners.

Our mission at Sagewell is to get homeowners to use information in the reports to take additional steps to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

About 100 Medfield homeowners have already requested a FREE MassSave energy assessment through!  This is a great achievement and you can help make Medfield one of the most energy efficiency-focused towns in Massachusetts by requesting your FREE MassSave energy assessment as well.

Include Your Home

If this message was forwarded to you, and you would like to include your home in the list of homes to be analyzed, please visit to request your home be included.

On the Sagewell homepage, enter your address (e.g. 123 Main St, Medfield) in the “Find your home or building” box and click “Find Savings Now”. On the next screen, click the word “HERE” to enter your details. This service is FREE for Medfield homeowners.

Thank you for your interest in Sagewell and good luck with your energy efficiency efforts!

The Sagewell Support Team

Prefer to speak to someone? Call us at 617-963-8141


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