Governor’s proposed local aid for next year

At the opening session of the Massachusetts Municipal Association’s annual meeting that I attended last  Friday morning, the Lieutenant Governor told us the Governor’s proposed local aid figures for the next fiscal year (FY13) that will be in the Governor’s upcoming budget, which budget I believe will be released tomorrow and which becomes HR-1 (House bill #1).  All local aid is proposed to be funded at last year’s levels, except the Governor proposes to add $145 m. to the education funding levels, so we may get somewhat more.

Secretary of A&F Jay Gonsalves and House Ways and Means Chair Brian Demsey both emphasized that even though the state’s revenues are expected to be up, that the health care costs and some other parts of the state budget will more than eat up those increased revenues, such that they are proposing a tight FY13 budget, with many cuts to make things balance.

The Governor’s local aid summary hand out, with my hand notated local aid numbers for Medfield is attached.

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