Town opts to postpone Halloween

The town opted this morning to postpone Medfield’s celebration of Halloween until Friday, because of the ongoing issues related to the storm.  I was told that the administrators, public safety and department heads were conferring and felt that prudence and safety should control.  There apparently continue to be downed and leaning tree limbs, downed wires, and widespread electrical outages.  The safety of the children has to be the the paramount underlying consideration, as we cannot afford even one unexpected event.  However. that does not avoid the fact that any such change is bound to inconvenience people  and their children, for which effects the town should be sorry.

2 responses to “Town opts to postpone Halloween

  1. Why should the town be sorry? The town did not create the storm. The lack of electricity downed trees and wires are a serious safety concern for children trick or treating tonight.


    • Jack,
      Thanks for commenting. I was referring to the town being sorry about the conflicts that are bound to occur on any new date chosen for the postponed Halloween. Everyone planning for their kids will schedule around Halloween, but when you move Halloween, there are so many other things already scheduled, that there are bound to be conflicts with any new date that is selected. The town chose to move Halloween to Friday, and that conflicts I am told with an already scheduled 4th grade Kids Night Out event at the Dale Street School, that the whole grade usually attends. I am sure there are many other conflicts as well.


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