Street Trees

I would like to see the Town of Medfield engage in a planned program to plant more street trees.  I am motivated by the old photographs I have seen of the tunnels of the tree canopies formed by the towering elm trees along along Main Street and the full willow trees along Rte. 109 where it crosses the Charles River.

There are hybrid elm trees that are resistant to the Dutch Elm Blight, so we could return to elms.  The ornamental pear trees do well as street trees, and might work well in the downtown.  Where chestnut trees were once such a common New England hardwood, it might be nice to see if there is a chestnut tree now that can both survive and prosper. The willows could look spectacular along the river crossing.

Given our town budget issues, I would hope to see the trees donated, and perhaps adopted by residents who would take responsibility for watering and fertilizing them.  Perhaps we could map the town trees on the town’s GIS, with notations as to which family has adopted and agreed to be responsible for which trees, as a way to spur the individual attention that may be needed.  An individual tree is not that expensive, but by comparison the planting and care can cost money.  Plan and plant for the long run, by planting inexpensive small trees now, but leaving a gift of majestic large trees to our children and grandchildren.

The Medfield Garden Club is a paradigm of how to beautify public spaces in town with living plant material.  Perhaps similar such organizations and local arborists would share their organizational abilities and/or expertise to make such a project happen.

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