My To Do List for the Board of Selectmen

Today I created my To Do List of some items for the Board of Selectmen to work on as we start out on what is really our new town government year now that town meeting is over.  Let me know if you have things you think I should add.

1.    Town should show debt budgets out 10 years, as suggested by Jack Wolfe at the annual town meeting (ATM)
2.    Start succession planning for town departments
3.    Create more information for residents ahead of the ATM, perhaps lengthier descriptions of the articles and issues in the Warrant booklet
4.    We should start planning right now for the town and school budget for the next ATM in 2012.  The Board of Selectmen should reach out to the school committee to see if we can work cooperatively on a town wide budget, instead of the historic approach of separate town and school budgets.
5.    We need a fuller discussion/education process on the DPW garage, and perhaps the Board of Selectmen can facilitate that process at our meetings before the 5/23/11 election.
6.    Board of Selectmen should pull the trigger now to start the education process about the Medfield State Hospital project, regardless of when DCAM is ready to proceed.
7.    Routinize the process by which warrant articles are drafted – see more in the proposed annual town calendar below.  The Lyme disease and Energy Committees warrant articles did not work this year.
8.    Create and publish a calendar for conducting town business, working backwards from the ATM
a.    ATM
b.    Warrant Hearing
c.    When warrant articles must be finalized
d.    When warrant articles must be reviewed by town counsel
e.    When warrant articles must be reviewed by town administrator
f.    When warrant articles must be submitted
g.    Budget hearing
h.    The Board of Selectmen and Warrant Committee to meet to discuss and set the budget assumptions for the upcoming year
i.    Evaluation of town administrator
j.    Board of Selectmen sets goals for year
9.    Ken Feeney needs to deliver cost of installed street reflectors for bad corners
10.    Department Heads should annually submit written goals
11.    Determine whether the current town car use policy is the proper one – should any employees take town vehicles home
12.    Create a mechanism to thank and celebrate long term employees.
13.    Review use of overtime by town departments
14.    Lease from the MBTA of the land to create the Bay Colony Rail Trail

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