Green Street traffic, parking, and repair issues

From: Osler L. Peterson []
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2010 09:39
To:; Ken Feeney
Cc: Michael Sullivan; Kristine Trierweiler
Subject: Green Street query from Dan Bibel

Ken and Bob,

The query below came to me via FaceBook – you can reply via the contact info
below or FB.  BTW, at the Massachusetts Municipal Association meeting I
attended last night I learned that the town of Easton has a town FB account
to share town info and also sends out an informational email each week.

Can you let Dan know the real answers at which I have only tired to guess.
Daniel Bibel
Massachusetts State Police
470 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701
Work   508-820-2111
Home  508-359-8148

Dan Bibel November 4 at 9:12am Report
Hi Pete — what are the chances that one or all of these things might happen
on Green Street in the near term:
– real sidewalks
– painted lane lines
– parking ban
– posted speed limit

It is a very busy street, and I think unsafe for pedestrians

I know that Green Street upgrades are constantly mentioned as being planned
and awaiting funding, via the state Chap. 90 monies.  I will forward your
query to the Chief and Ken Feeney and they can give you the details.  A
sidewalk to Hinkley Pond is part of that plan.

Speeding is a real problem and a dilemma.  Christian Donner has on-line
results from his radar gun on Green Street, and the numbers are not pretty.
Speed limits can legally only be set at the speed below which 80% of the
current drivers actually drive, and those speeds can be higher than we want.
That leaves one to use the thickly settled 35 MPH speed limit as the

I do not know anything about the line painting or parking ban issues, and
will let the Chief address those.  I believe the Board of Selectmen could
ban parking, if it was desired.  When I lived in Newton, parking was
prohibited in front of my own house, and I know I did not always like that



Osler L. Peterson, Attorney at Law
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Medfield Information: &


Dan and everyone else:

Yes, the Green Street project is on the boards but I will let Ken comment on
its status. As for my part I will have Off. O’Neil put the radar recording
device on one of the NSTAR poles in the area to collect data. We did a speed
and volume survey on Green Street by the Hinkley Swim Pond in August of 2009
because I wanted to see if there were issues there. I came up with an 85%
speed of 34 MPH with the overall average speed being 28 MPH.

I’ll place the recorder on a pole between Brook and North to see what I get

As for the lines; I was hoping to paint crosswalks by Brook and Green,
however after some other crosswalk requests that were looked at by a traffic
engineer, I began to have second thoughts. One of the reasons I did
reconsider was because of the fact that the sidewalks are not well defined
and could I even paint a crosswalk there from a legal/liability point of
view. The other related issue is that I have spent the line painting budget
for the year. I have money to paint the lines once each year and I’ll have
no more money for painting until next July. I am going to ask the Warrant
Committee for an increase for the next fiscal year but that doesn’t help

As for a parking ban, the Board of Selectmen can do that but as Pete
mentioned that includes everyone and can be the classic double edged sword.
It may actually become necessary depending upon how wide the road ends up
being when the reconstruction is done. As part of the reconstruction the
other issue that has been brought up by the neighborhood is a 3 way stop at
Brook and Green. This would clearly be another controversial issue but may
be appropriate.

Chief REM

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