Medfield Rail Trail Possible Along the Bay Colony RR Right of Way

I was contacted this past week by Christian Donner of Medfield and Tom Connors of Needham about the Town of Medfield’s interest in and support for establishing a rail trail along the soon to be unused Bay Colony RR line from Newton to Medfield. See the groups they have formed at and

Tom gave me the contact information at the MBTA, and one call indicated that Bay Colony will likely discontinue its rights soon and the MBTA will grant the Town of Medfield a no cost 85 year lease to the right of way for purpose of creating a bicycle rail trial.

Needham and Newton groups are working of mobilizing the support for those communities to ask for the same deals.

I now wish more than ever that the Town of Medfield had filed this year the Mass in Motion grant application that Deb prepared in April, as that grant could have provided up to $30,000 in planning monies just for this sort of project.

All in all this is an exciting new possibility for Medfield, and one that may dove tail nicely with the Medfield State Hospital development, which could become a bicycle smart growth development.

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