Penultimate chance to benefit your hometown of Medfield!

With thanks to WGBH –

“Penultimate” is, of course, a fancy word for “next to last.” And we’re reaching out to you on the next to last day of 2022 with a simple yet urgent request.

Your fellow residents are protecting their investments in Medfield with year-end additional gifts. Could you please join them?

Your reward? More and better special things for you and your loved ones in your hometown of Medfield, like the Medfield Rail Trail, the Hinkley Helpers, the Grist Mill, the Angel Run, the Volunteer Awards, the Camp Fund, the Straw Hat Park, and all the many more Medfield Foundation initiatives that make Medfield our shared special place.

Not to mention the glow you’ll get from knowing you went above and beyond for an institution that connects our community closer together. Take advantage of this penultimate chance and give now.

With our sincere thanks,

The Medfield Foundation

459 Main Street

Medfield, MA 02052

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  1. Thx Pete!

    Kirsten Poler Note US mobile 617-921-7651