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May TSARC Edition      

Need to borrow an unusual item?   You can borrow items for up to 2 weeks from the Medfield Public Library – all you need is a Library Card   medfieldpubliclibrary.org/borrowing/unusual-items/       FOAM Collection   We are hoping to have another collection in the early fall, please stay tuned for more information. In addition to saving white packing foam, please save clean food trays and egg cartons, all colors are acceptable.   Please save your foam in clear or white plastic bags so they stay clean and dry until our next collection.      

TSARC Recycling Tips    

TIP 37   This is an eye-opening statistic. . .  A study from Arizona State University found that about one-fifth of contact lens wearers flush used contacts down the drain or toilet. That amounts to more than 2 1/2 billion contact lenses down the drain annually.  Seem harmless? Not so much.   Contact lenses are denser than water and sink to the bottom of waterways where they can be harmful to aquatic life. Contact lenses that end up in soil can dry out, become brittle and break down into microplastics where they can be consumed by animals, birds or insects and make their way into the food chain.   Your best bet for disposing of used contacts? Throw them in the trash. Or even better, check with your eye care provider. More and more eye care providers are offering contact lens recycling programs on their own or in conjunction with TerraCycle. They will recycle used contact lenses, foil tops and blister packs to help keep this waste out of the environment.        

TIP 38   It takes a lot of work, energy and resources to make just a single aluminum can – that’s why it’s important to recycle.  And, turning an old can into a new one can happen pretty quickly.   According to the Can Manufacturers Institute, from the time a used aluminum can is put in a recycling bin, it typically takes about 60 days for that can to be made into a brand new one.   Stage 1: Used Can Stage 2: Can is cleaned and melted into a solid block (called an ingot) Stage 3: Aluminum is pressed thin and punched into circles (called “blanks”) Stage 4: “Blanks” are molded into the shape of a can. The top is made separately and attached next. Stage 5: NEW CAN   Aluminum cans are very recyclable – 100% of the can’s materials can be reused but, remember, It all starts with YOU making the earth-friendly decision to recycle!      

Tip 39   I want to tell a joke about fabric . . . . But I’m all out of material!  In reality, recycling textiles is no laughing matter. . . .The textile industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world after oil and gas. And the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows. Plus, what happens to these products after we no longer want them is just as shocking. More than 83 percent of used textiles are disposed of in the garbage – even though the majority can be donated for reuse or recycling. Drop off unwanted textiles – clothing, bedding, towels, tablecloths, and more – at a nearby clothing collection box (think Transfer Station here) or your favorite local charity or thrift store. AND the clothing and textiles don’t have to be in great condition. If they are stained, ripped, have missing buttons or broken zippers or even giant holes, they can be repurposed.   If they are unable to be sold for reuse locally, they may be baled and sold to export markets, made into industrial wiping cloths, or converted to fiber for insulation, carpet padding for sound-proofing material.   So, the next time you toss a shirt into the trash because it’s time for a fresh one, think again.     Not sure what to do? Go to https://recyclesmartma.org        

Plastic Bag collection at Transfer Station   Soon we hope to once again collect plastic bags and plastic film at the Transfer Station We will keep you updated      

On-going Organics collection at Transfer Station   Organics (Compostable food items) can be deposited in the green totes on the right hand side of the Tipping floor windows. Compostable bags are ok, but plastic bags, boxes and the like are NOT to be dumped into the green totes.      

Medfield TOMCAP Town of Medfield Climate Action Plan This is your chance to learn about and share input on the plan Medfield asked for at Town Meeting 2021. Your participation is needed!  Experts from the MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Council) will be leading this important evening.        

Transfer Station Hours   May Wednesday 9 AM – 4 PM Friday 7:30 AM – 4 PM Saturday 9 AM – 4 PM   June Wednesday 9 AM – 4 PM Friday 7:30 AM – 4 PM Saturday 9 AM – 4 PM    

SWAP AREA IS OPEN! Open 9 AM – 3 PM with no drop-offs after 2:30 PM   This is necessary so the volunteers can clean up everything before the next SWAP day.  We have many items that must be brought inside tents and otherwise secured.   When dropping off items, please put them in the appropriate “departments”.  The volunteers can help you find the correct spot for your treasures.   Please abide by the posted rules.  Only 30 minutes once per day by any individual who is visiting the SWAP.   This is due to the popularity of the SWAP and the limited number of parking spaces available for “shoppers”.   Please contact Medfieldswapshop@gmail.com to volunteer   On-going Collection Trailer We have a trailer at the Transfer Station that will take household goods as well as textiles. Please bag or box all items (especially breakables) as if you were moving them!   The trailer is located just beyond the Gatehouse as you drive into the Transfer Station on the right hand side.   Donations to this trailer benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters.      
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