DCAMM carting away the MSH soils with VOC’s

Below is the DCAMM flyer from the fence at the Medfield State Hospital Overlook, retrieved during last evening’s walk. Currently there is a huge hole dug out at the site of the VOC (perc I think) plume (the formerly laundry building site) between the mural and the Overlook, and a huge pile of those soils in the adjoining field. This is the website DCAMM lists for more information.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Former Medfield State Hospital -
Site Remediation Project 2022
Contact Information -All inquiries should be directed to:
Typical construction equipment
Background Information
Senior Operations Manager
Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance
Office of Facilities Maintenance and Management
220 Old Common Road, Lancaster MA 01523
The Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) is performing
Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) response actions for the Special Project Designation (SPD) Area
at the Former Medfield State Hospital. Remedial activities will be conducted through the Summer of 2022.
The project includes:
o Mobilization, Site Preparation & Signage Installation,
o Creation of bypass road to maintain vehicle and pedestrian traffic to Charles River Gateway,
o Removal of utilities and decommissioning or removal of excavation area monitoring wells,
o Dewatering treatment system set-up and operation,
o Surface soil excavation and stockpiling,
o Off-Site transport and disposal of soil within the groundwater table,
o Amendment of backfill with Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) a powdered or granular form of iron filings,
o Construction of permeable reactive barrier wall with imported sand and ZVI for treatment,
o Site restoration, paving and loam and seed and limited stormwater improvements,
o Installation of new monitoring wells,
o Site clean-up, and
o Demobilization.
A Phase IV Remedy Implementation Plan (RIP) Report detailing the remediation is available at the Town
of Medfield library and online under the Release Tracking Number (RTN) 2-3020799 at
westonandsampson.com WestonQ I p n

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