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‘Dead something:’ Heavy rain leaves Charles River reeking of death

NATICK, Mass. —

“Love that dirty water”?

Not so much these days if you’re upwind along the Charles River in several Metrowest towns. Residents in Medfield, Dover, Sherborn and Natick say the river smells of something putrid and foul.Advertisement

“Dead something,” one resident described.

The stench accompanies dead fish and an oily sheen on the water’s surface. The Charles River Watershed Association said they think they know what’s causing it.

“The investigation is concluding that it’s probably more natural,” said Emily Norton, executive director of the Charles River Watershed Association.

The runoff from recent heavy rains has gathered pollutants such as fertilizers and oils, and that is leading to bigger problems in the river.

“In this case, it appears that the impact is such that it caused the river in that area, the Stop River, to be completely depleted of oxygen. And fish do need some level of oxygen to survive,” Norton said.

The dead fish, scientists think, is responsible for the foul odor and the oily sheen on the river is from the fish decomposing.

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