Read the MMA’s magazine, the Municipal Advocate

Hello Readers! 
The pandemic has caused everyone to retool and reprioritize, including us at the MMA. We’ve shifted our focus in order to provide as much relevant and timely information as possible to help municipalities navigate this challenging time. There are, however, a range of ongoing pre-pandemic challenges that will need our attention as soon as we’re able, and key among them is climate change. Today, we present the new issue of the Municipal Advocate on that topic. This issue features articles on: • The Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness program, which provides tools and grants to communities to address concerns on the front line• The Massachusetts Climate Action Network, which is partnering with cities and towns to dramatically reduce emissions and purchase more local renewable energy• The collaborative work of 15 Cape Cod towns to develop and deploy preventative, mitigating and adaptive climate strategies• Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that can help us take bold and multi-faceted action to address climate change• The Trustees of Reservations’ effort to assess the vulnerability of five key coastal areas As an added convenience, all the links in the document are clickable, as are the story titles in the table of contents. We hope you enjoy this issue. Best regards,John OuelletteMMA Manager of Publications and Digital Communications

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