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How to know when you’re eligible

Use this tool to determine if you currently qualify for a vaccine and for a map of locations state wide.

The state is now offering two ways to search for a vaccine site near you: By this map or by zip code. You can also download a list here. As of Jan. 29, only 390,000 Massachusetts residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Only one percent of all eligible residents have been fully vaccinated. The Globe has created this tool that illustrates how far we have to go. And to see how those numbers break down by age group, profession, race and ethnicity, and more, check these charts.

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  1. Eileen DeSorgher

    Thanks Pete.

    That’s very useful and valuable information.

    I was sad to read your blog yesterday about Lou’s death. He was a great advocate for seniors and a major piece of the COA backbone. I graduated from MHS with his daughter Laura, and shared many good tunes with her.

    Best, -Eileen

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