Lou Fellini

Louis Fellini (Lou) passed away this week, and the town is poorer for it. Lou served the Town of Medfield on many boards and in many forms, but most of all for the Council on Aging. Lou chaired the Council on Aging for many years during the planning for The Center, getting the town financing of The Center approved by the annual town meeting (ATM), and then helping to oversee the actual construction of The Center. The function hall at The Center is properly named in Lou’s honor.

Lou was also a long time member of the town’s Permanent Planning and Building Committee, which vets new town buildings.

Four years ago Lou was honored at the 1/3/2017 Select Board meeting, and my material on that honoring can be found here.

The Medfield TV video of Lou being honored at that 1/3/2017 Select Board meeting can be found here.

Lou was a consummate wood carver, and taught classes at The Center to share the pleasure he derived from his wood carving. See a great photo of Lou wood carving at my blog article.

More recently I frequently saw Lou and Joan at The Center when I was there for my first Friday of the month office hours, and Lou often engaged me during those office hours on many Medfield town government topics.

2 responses to “Lou Fellini

  1. Colleen Sullivan

    Oh goodness, another wonderful person gone – another loss in Medfield……how terribly sad.  I don’t see an obit on Roberts Mitchell.  Is it too soon or do you think its a different funeral home?Thanks,Colleen


  2. Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

    I was old that Lou died yesterday, so it may just be too soon.