Vaccine status

As vaccines become available to people, my mind necessarily turned to when can I get it. The NN Chamber of Commerce newsletter today (a copy of the email appears below) had a good explanation of vaccines and when we might be eligible. I especially found this “new searchable map” helpful, as it connects to the state’s website with all the vaccine data and explanation.

Good morning friends,

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So when Gov. Charlie Baker announced yesterday that he was moving residents 65 or older up on the COVID vaccination priority list, it meant pushing back workers in grocery, restaurants, transit, sanitation, public works, public health workers and K-12 teachers who had been next in line.

Just how much of a delay that creates for those who thought they were next depends on how much vaccine is in the federal pipeline.

Starting Monday (Feb. 1), residents 75 and older are eligible to be vaccinated as the second phase opens; followed by those 65-plus; then those listed above and in the vocations listed here; and then individuals with one comorbidity.

Everyone else is in phase 3, scheduled to start in April, although that’s subject to change.

Baker also promised to accelerate the state’s distribution infrastructure in the coming weeks, adding dozens of new vaccine sites by mid-February, for a total of seven mass vaccination sites and 165 overall.

A new searchable map and online tool will make it possible for anyone needing a shot to schedule an appointment once eligible.  

Massachusetts ranks in the bottom half of the 50 states when it comes to number of vaccine doses administered per capita according to federal data, and lags behind all other New England states, despite having what the state often touts as the best healthcare system in the world, notes Sarah Betancourt at CommonWealth

Just over 360,000 of the state’s 5.8 million adults have been given at least a first-dose, leaving 5.44 million more.

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