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Affordable Housing Trust Committe

Posted on: July 9, 2020

Affordable Housing & 40B News

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NEW: Short-term Lottery Now Open for a 3 BR home at 4 John Crowder Road


Application Application must be postmarked on or before 08/04/2020

4 John Crowder Rd - Picture

Housing Production Plan Safe Harbor Certification 

Valid through May 7, 2022 (Letter)

Hillside Village Rental Apartments

80 North Meadows Road

Contact: Alison Borrelli at 617-257-3012 or 

Link to photos:

HVA Hillside Village

Medfield Meadows Rental Apartments / Condos Under Construction (Coming Soon) 

Corner of North Meadows Road and Dale Street

Leasing Office: Paul McGovern

Affordable Units: SEB Housing at (617) 782-6900 (x1) and leave a message;

Rental Renders

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Other News in Affordable Housing Trust Committe

4 John Crowder Rd - Picture

Affordable Home Ownership Lottery – 4 John Crowder Road (3BR Home)

Posted on: July 20, 2020

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