Medfield Helping Organizations

I was asked yesterday – “Could your blog offer names and contact information of organizations that help Medfield residents in time of need?”   I will list the ones of which I am aware, and invite others to add to my list.


The Home Committee

The oldest helping entity I am aware of is the Home Committee.  Kathy Thompson ( and Georgia Colivas of the Home Committee appeared at a recent Select Board meeting to explain the Home Committee.  At that time they announced that the Home Committee had made a substantial donation to the Medfield Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.


Town of Medfield

The Town of Medfield’s human services are managed through the Medfield Youth Outreach, the Council on Aging, and Veterans Services.

Medfield Youth Outreach
88R South Street, Door 12
Medfield, MA 02052
Work 508-359-7121

Lisa Donovan, Outreach Coordinator
Council on Aging
One Ice House Road
Medfield, MA 02052

Jon Cogan, Veterans Agent

Phone: 508-906-3025

Medfield Foundation

mfi logo

The Medfield Foundation was started in 2001 with a simple idea, that Medfield residents would be willing to make private donations for public purposes in their own hometown, and to date over $3 m. has been given.

As a result of the annual Angel Run each December being a Medfield Foundation initiative, MFi started fourteen years ago raising monies for its Public Needs Fund to assist Medfield families.  The MFi’s Public Needs Funds are disbursed to an Angel Fund administered jointly by the Medfield Youth Outreach office and Pastor Phil Bauman of the UCC, from where the monies are disbursed to Medfield families in need.

MFi responded four years ago to a perceived need to assist all Medfield children to be able to attend summer camp by the creation of its Camp Fund, currently administered by Rose Colleran.

Medfield Helping Hands, a Medfield Foundation initiative, is a volunteer network that supports Medfield families in temporary crisis with meals and rides. It is run by Laurie Nealon, Kathleen Cahill, and Katie Henebry.

The Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund is an endowment established for the long-term benefit of the Medfield community which engages in grant-making to support community-driven projects.  Its Community Board, run by Todd Trehubenko and Chris Cahill, is engaged in raising $1 m. to endow the Legacy Fund.

Most recently, MFi has created its COVID-19 Relief Fund, which was created to specifically assist residents in need due to issues arising due to the COVID-19 virus.  The COVID-19 Relief Fund is being headed by Evan Weisenfeld and Abby Marble

Any Medfield Foundation initiative mentioned can be reached through the website, or by an email to or



I suspect that all the churches in town are engaged in helping residents as well, but I do not know those details.

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