Emergency SB meeting today

select board

The Select Board held an emergency meeting this afternoon at 1:00 PM via an on-line remote meeting service provided by Zoom.com.

The purpose of the meeting was to consider whether to postpone the town election that was scheduled for this coming Monday, March 30, given the virus issues.  After consideration that the town has only a small number of absentee ballots available (planning was done for a typical town election with no contested seats), and that we wanted to be sure that all that wanted to vote absentee could do so, the decision was made to postpone the election to May 4, a date when residents were already aware that another town event was scheduled to take place – the annual town meeting (ATM) was scheduled to take place that evening.  However, today, the ATM was also postponed to June 15.

The SB also voted to make the primary place for posting notices of any future meetings of town bodies to be the town web site, with the bulletin board on the back of the Town House as the physical back up site.  The bulletin board had been the primary site. Where the employees may be posting the notices remotely, look to the web site as the first place for that future meeting information.

Today’s SB meeting was open to the public, and about half a dozen residents attended, with Martha Festa getting the prize for the best backdrop – a beach scene complete with breaking waves and palm trees blowing in a breeze.

The public was able to ask questions, and did.  A recording of the meeting will be posted on You Tube.

Select Board members next meet Monday, March 30 by attending the virtual Warrant Committee meeting, and the next regularly scheduled SB meeting is the next evening on Tuesday, March 31 (also a virtual meeting).  Both are at 7 PM.

One response to “Emergency SB meeting today

  1. Bonnie Wren-Burgess

    As always, Pete, I appreciate your service to the town and your regular emails.

    However, these days, what you are doing with your emails is vital and a seriously important service to our town.

    Many thanks,
    Bonnie Wren-Burgess