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medfield town house

Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke put together a list of organizations and resources in Medfield, which is available as a Google Doc via the link below –

These are the ones on the list at this time.  I believe that as a Google doc, that people can add to the list and edit what is there:

Organization Links: Contact Info:
Medfield Foundation Inc:
Council on Aging: 508-359-3665
Medfield Food Cupboard: 508-359-4958
Medfield Youth Outreach: 508-359-7121
Medfield Helping Hands: Laurie Nealon Kathleen Cahill
(volunteer network that helps Medfield families in tempory crisis)
617-332-3666 ext. 1411 / 888-244-6843 ext. 1411
(free resource to find a therapist)
A network of Medfield Business’ ready to help
First Parish UU of Medfield: 508-359-4594
Temple Beth David: 781-769-5270
First Baptist Church: 508-359-2285
Town of Medfield
Center for Disease Control:

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